Specialist Castings has more than 20 years of experience in casting aluminium for use in the medical industry and during this time we have seen innovation grow as new technology becomes available in both metallurgy and casting. We have centrifugally cast many different aluminium and stainless steel tubes, rings and shaped items. We have welded aluminium using MIG, TIG and even 7 metre long electron beams and we will utilise the best available process for the weld required.

Large aluminium casting in the medical industry is of course part of a highly innovative sector with the largest proportion of our output being intended for scanners of one kind or another. In this world, it is more than just the dimensional accuracy of the casting and subsequent machining that is important Рthe cast material itself has to have very specific properties. Where grain refinement is important, existing industrially accepted techniques will not suffice. For this purpose we have developed our own, unique, de-gassing casting technique for high purity output. This innovative approach to casting has allowed us to solve production problems for major players in the medical equipment industry.

Medical Industry - Aluminium Casting

We have cast a very large range of aluminium alloys from 99% pure aluminium down to common LM6 or LM27 grades and we have been involved in the metallurgy and the practical heat treatment of very large and complex thin walled items specifically to prevent distortion or increase strength. We have looked at specific grain refinement processes and have developed our unique de-gassing technique for high purity applications where existing techniques will not suffice.

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