A leading large-scale casting foundry

At Specialist Castings, we are one of the leading suppliers in the casting industry; delivering a wide variety of different types of casting work including aluminium castings, centrifugal castings and decorative castings.

We have an unrivalled capacity for large-scale casting.  In particular, the ability to undertake this larger work, while still producing cast aluminium at very high purity levels is a highly specialised area that we excel at.  We have developed unique in-house process to output cast aluminium at very low levels of gas porosity, giving the highest purity material.

Our ability to continuously develop new processes is built upon many generations of experience and an industrial heritage of more than 80 years. It is the combination of this deep expertise, working with specialist equipment developed in-house, that allows us to undertake truly leading-edge large aluminium casting projects.

We are accustomed to dealing with one-off, large, single product/single application type castings. Often these castings are prototypes or part of ‘one build only’ types of assemblies or constructions.  In these cases, our team of expert advisors can work with the client on a consultancy basis to finalise the design before the casting is produced.  Often these projects can develop into multiple-product requirements, with complementary and supportive castings.  Our “one-stop-shop” service approach means that we can assist the client by providing a fully-packaged solution for all requirements.

Aluminium Casting

Flexible and Innovative

This turn-key, service-based approach not only speeds up the overall specification process for our customers, it reduces production and delivery lead time and reduces the total cost to our customers.

We are capable of producing and casting from wood, metal, polystyrene or resin patterns.  Our casting simulation software means we can develop homogenous metal matrix structures in complex shapes quickly. This allows us to develop and analyse multiple casting ‘options’ on shorter lead times – which is invaluable when dealing with prototypes. The end result is improved design, optimised design for manufacture and a reduction in overall product development timescales. All of which contribute to lower product lifecycle costs.

In conjunction with the one-stop-shop approach above, Specialist Castings can also provide assemblies of the end product as well as individual castings. Usually this is a mixture of internally produced larger aluminium castings, with sourced smaller castings from one, or more of our accredited supplier partners. This approach saves our customers time and removes the costs associated with selecting potentially several suppliers in addition to an assembler. It also reduces wastage caused by inter-company communications and drawings and specifications errors.

End-to-End Service

The story does not end at the cast material, and aluminium castings almost always require additional machining to finish them. This large aluminium machining work is as specialised as the casting itself and is part of the comprehensive package that we offer.

Our in-house capacity means we can deal with castings up to 5 metres long and 2.5 metres in diameter. With some units weighing as much 7000Kg, the expertise and capability to complete such pieces is unique.

From design, through to casting, machining and finishing, Specialist Castings can offer a true end-to-end solution. Whether it is the latest medical scanner for GE Medical Systems, the production of MRI items for CERNE, or a vehicle frame for Jaguar cars, we recognise the need for precision, high grade material castings and the importance of rapid turnarounds.