Zinc Ribbon Anodes are another type of Sacrificial Anode and are an enhanced flexibility product extruded by 99.99% high pure zinc material. They provide a very simple, cost effective, maintenance-free method of corrosion control. These anodes are especially useful for unattended applications where other cathodic protection systems would require unsustainanable monitoring or frequent maintenance. Zinc Ribbon Anodes can be used in fresh water, seawater environments, and they can also be used in underground structures.

Zinc Ribbon Anodes
Zinc Ribbon Anode

In a extended ribbon containing a steel wire core, zinc has been a highly effective and economical method of protecting a wide variety of underground and underwater metallic systems for over 20 years. Zinc Ribbon Anodes have excellent flexibility properties which are safe to deploy on site. They also have more than 95% current efficiency which makes them highly reliable. Zinc Ribbon Anodes are ideal for relatively high-resistivity environments because they have a driving voltage and are effective on well-coated steel structures that require minimal current output.

You can download our Zinc Ribbon Anodes technical sheet.