Magnesium Anodes are a type of Sacrificial Anode. They are mainly used in seawater, brackish water, and fresh water cathodic protection systems. They are very effective and economical corrosion protectors of steel structures and have been recognised in this field for over 25 years. Magnesium Anodes create an easier and more attractive source of oxidation than the steel structures they are connected to and they are most often made up of an alloy composite of magnesium and other metals.

Magnesium Anodes

We have Magnesium Anodes available in a range of designs which are specifically crafted to offer different conductive properties and connection options to suit particular types of structures. Hull anodes are designed to flush mount against the hulls of ships, dams, or tanks via built in steel straps. Whereas, Drive-in anodes are designed to be driven into the ground to protect buried propane tanks or steel pylons.

Magnesium Anodes are very electronegative, therefore they are increasingly able to supply electrons to the more electropositive steel when in electrical contact in water, resulting in cathodic protection of the steel surface. They have very high efficiency and the highest available driving potential, which is an advantage in higher resistivity soils. Magnesium Anodes can be used for both underground and under water applications but work best in fresh water.

Specialist Castings have been widely recognised by a number of industries for manufacturing and supplying high quality and efficient anodes.

In order to ensure the highest quality of magnesium anode, we not only use pure magnesium ingot, but also use advanced technology to ensure the purity of the alloy.
We only use highly pure alloy of grade above 80%  when casting the anode, and the whole casting procedure is protected by inert gases so that the anodes do not contain any inpurities, such as the oxidation slag inclusion caused by solvent and burning. By adopting this developed technology our anodes can avoid the common defects brought from the conventional hand casting techniques.

You can download our Magnesium Anodes technical sheet.