Aluminium Anodes are another type of Sacrificial Anode that, although they have a lower voltage rate than magnesium anode, they have a much slower consumption rate than magnesium or zinc, and are ideally suited for seawater applications though can be used in fresh water too.

Typical Applications:
Aluminium anodes are well-suited to prevent corrosion of steel structures in seawater and fresh water and are commonly used on seawater based vessels, mechanical equipment, marine engineering and harbour facilities, seawater pipelines, ship hulls, ballast tanks and drilling platforms.

They are also used to reduce corrosion in structural metal objects such as buildings.

Aluminium Anode
Aluminium Anodes

Aluminium Anodes have several advantages, such as being lighter weight, with a much higher capacity than zinc and a slower corrosion level than magnesium. They are a popular choice due to their ability to perform in different water types and their increased longevity due to their increased current capacity compared to aluminium and zinc.  They are also not considered a pollutant so are better for the environment. Aluminium Anodes are immune to the calcareous coating menace and are therefore well suited for use in seawater, as well as brackish and fresh water. We are a leading supplier of Anodes in the UK, therefore you are guaranteed the highest quality when purchasing our products.

You can download our Aluminium Anodes technical sheet.